Get ready for some feelgood & catchy high-energy vibes, because IVYVOX sure knows how to bring back the era where pop punk and rock tunes hit the charts! These babes & dude from the Dutch Lowlands will grab your attention with their enthusiasm and signature sound, and take you higher with a mixture of catchy multivocal melodies, groovy basslines, crunchy electric guitars and kickass drums!
After kicking off their first show ever in Amsterdam’s iconic music venue ‘De Melkweg’, IVYVOX continues to work tirelessly to cement their place in the poprock, punk and alternative music landscape. “TONIGHT”, one of the tracks from their recently released self-titled debut EP, already hit number one in the Dutch IndieXL Chart, only increasing their urge to hit the stages again and reconnect the world with their energetic chemistry!


Bianca Vrind – vox + guitars

Irene van Aarle – bass + backing vox

Irina Schouten – guitars + backing vox

Menno Schaap – drums + backing vox