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Get ready for some feelgood & catchy high-energy vibes, because IVYVOX sure knows how to bring back the era where pop punk and rock tunes ruled the charts! These promising babes & dude from the Dutch Lowlands are sure to captivate any listener with their charismatic enthusiasm and signature sound, which has earned them high praise from platforms such as 3FM, KINK, IndieXL, Den Haag FM and Pinguin Radio. So far, IVYVOX has achieved numerous milestones, including securing two number one hits by topping the Dutch IndieXL Chart with their songs “TONIGHT” & “Best Day Of My Life”, and being voted as the audience favorite at Pinguin Radio Showcases during ESNS.

The band toured many venues throughout The Netherlands as part of Popronde 2022, and in 2023, their single “sweet sixteen” was featured in Dutch cinematic movie “Leeuwin”, which appeared on the screen in several countries. In 2024, IVYVOX continued their journey with a bang! Their pop punk cover of American Authors’ hit “Best Day Of My Life” became a standout feature in Dutch cinematic movie “Verliefd op Bali”. Simultaneously, they proudly secured a spot in the prestigious “Mentos Grote Prijs van Nederland“, solidifying their presence in the Dutch music scene. With a bright future ahead, IVYVOX showcases a vibrant collection of hyper-energetic pop punk bangers that undoubtedly will stick with you for days on end!

Bianca Vrind – vox + guitars

Irene van Aarle  – bass + backing vox

Irina Schouten – guitars + backing vox

Dylan Thoma – drums 

Photo by Brian Hill